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Sirona Health Solutions

Sirona Health Solutions is a Scandinavian consulting firm working towards better health care. Our team at Sirona has strong analytical skills, a deep understanding of the healthcare sector, and a relentless drive to create results for our clients. Our team has a passionate commitment to our vision, deep respect for our clients’ goals and needs, and the tenacity to make change stick. Sirona is a partner to government agencies, investors and health care providers. We are known for always delivering high quality solutions and result-oriented work.

We believe in integrated care

At Sirona, we are confident that society has a great deal to gain from increased collaboration between different care units and practitioners. For example, somatic and psychiatric care are often separated even though many patients require both types of care. By making healthcare more integrated, the patients are better cared for while at the same time limited resources are optimized. Integrated care makes it easier to obtain an overview of the patients’ needs, which promotes proactive care instead of reactive – which is the key to a healthier population.

We work on both strategical and operational levels

Our strategic work is based on the classic problem-solving model which is used within management consulting. We use the model with great flexibility and an instinctive feel for the specific challenges of healthcare. The operational work, which is always carried out in partnership with our clients, often involves measures targeted at a specific patient group or challenge. At Sirona Health Solutions, we have developed unique databases and tools which enable us to cost-effectively perform extensive and complex quantitative analyses.

Marit Vaagen

CEO, senior expert and founder of Sirona

+46 70 330 59 15

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