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What can the Netherlands learn from the Swedish and Nordic health, care, and social welfare systems? And what can we in the Nordics learn from the Netherlands?

Two weeks ago, our CEO and Founder Marit Vaagen delivered a presentation on the importance of collaboration in the Swedish welfare system, with a focus on regions and municipalities. Marit highlighted key aspects such as prevention and patient-centered care, the integration of technology, and interdisciplinary collaboration. She also included cooperation with the private sector in areas spanning from R&D to service management.

We extend our warmest gratitude to Coincide BV for graciously hosting Marit Vaagen as a speaker during their study trip in Stockholm. It was a pleasure and a very interesting debate with Coincide BV and the whole team of distinguished participants from both public and private organizations.

A big thanks to Marjolein Boogers-Luykx and Dorrit Gruijters for organizing the event. We appreciate the valuable exchange of ideas and insights that can benefit both of our countries. Thank you!